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What is the CBM FAMALAM about? What does CBM mean?

CBM FAMALAM is a project from the imagination of Chris B Murray. Starting with GOONY, the collection will feature many other characters that make up the world and inhabit the city of Heimerton. As for CBM, it’s a bit of a mystery. If we were to guess it looks like the initials for Chris B. Murray (our amazing artist).

Who is the artist? Who are the other team members?

Chris B. Murray is our artist, and is one of the co-founders of our project. Chris has been a commercial artist for over 10 years and has worked with & for a number of household brands. Learn more about him here. We’re working on putting together a page to provide some additional insight on our team and will share more information about them in the near future.

Where is the project going?

Our overarching goal is to make CBM & FAMALAM household names. We believe that everyone loves to experience moments of nostalgia, and our aim is to create a world that allows everyone to be able to experience those moments through our creations across both the digital and physical worlds. Leveraging the amazing art of Chris (and some of our other talented collaborators), we will be building out the CBM universe, starting with the eight FAMALAM characters.

On top of that, Chris has some great connections after years in the industry through his work as an artist, and we aim to expand the reach of the project to include by leveraging those connections to help grow our brand.

How many characters are in the FAMALAM?

There are a total of 8 characters in the FAMALAM. We’ve introduced GOONY, and the other characters will be introduced in the near future.

How do I get all of the FAMALAM characters?

Each character is unlockable by holding previous characters. More details on this mechanic will be announced in the future.

Are all of the characters going to be paid mints?

No, GOONY will be the only paid mint for the FAMALAM. All additional characters will be free to mint for our holders (minus gas fees).

Besides the awesome art, what other benefits do I get for owning a GOONY?

GOONY is the voice of Heimerton, there is so much more to explore within this world. We will have more characters and most importantly a story we’ll be sharing and getting the community involved in. This project is about creating an immersive world.

In addition to the JPEGs there will be opportunities to get physical merchandise (we’re talking Toys, Clothing and more) and also get access to Chris and his network. Plus, we have plans to expand our brand into a comic series and our goal would be to have a TV Series featuring the FAMALAM (though this is a longer term vision).

You’d get front row seats to all of this!


What is the mint price and what blockchain is this project on?

We will be minting on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT will cost 0.10 ETH+ gas (which we’ve optimized to be as low as we can make it).

When is the mint date?

Minting begins on March 8th, 2022. 📅 March 8, 2022 - Presale 📅 March 9, 2022 - Express 📅 March 10, 2022 - Public Learn more here.

How many GOONY’s are there?

There will be a total of 6,555 GOONY NFTs.

Why is the mint price the same for everyone?

We value fairness, and for us, that starts with our mint. Every NFT in the GOONY collection will have the mint price, regardless of whether you’re part of our presale, one of our express pass members, or if you mint during our public sale. We’ve found that different mint prices can lead to unfair advantages when items are listed on secondary, and that is something that we wish to avoid.

Why is your gas so low?

We’re thankful to be working with an amazing development team. We haven’t just copied and pasted another projects contract. We have worked to optimize every part of the contract to reduce the load on the blockchain and keep the project as accessible as it can be!

How does presale work?

We’re building for the future and that starts with the mint. We want to reward those who have supported us the most though early access spots.

These will be available 48 hours before the public mint.

  • We have a total of 2000 presale slots. During our presale period, individuals that are participating in our presale will be able to mint a max of 2 NFTs per wallet until the 3,090 presale NFTs are all minted.
  • 24 hours before the public mint, our express mint will open. Any wallet that holds an NFT from our un-official partners will be able to mint up to 2 NFTs per wallet. Additionally, presale wallets will also be able to mint up to 2 NFTs during this period until the allocated supply of 1,650 NFTs has been exhausted.

Any tokens that aren’t minted during these periods will be rolled over into the public sale. Learn more here.

How do I get a presale spot?

We have daily raffles in our Discord for presale slots. Raffles winners are randomly assigned, and the process is designed to be fair for all participants. There will also be additional opportunities to gain presale slots by being part of the community. For instance, attendees of our AMAs and live drawing sessions have been given presale slots simply for attending our events.


What is the best place to get involved?

Our Discord, which you can find here! We value inclusion and we’re going to continue working towards providing a space for artists, creators and members of the FAMALAM to feel at home and help each other succeed.

What are our future aims?

We want to create a place where people can experience those amazing moments of nostalgia.

In addition to that, we want to build out a community of artists and collectors who work together to change the world around them. It sounds a little corny, but for Chris, making a positive impact to those around him and taking the time to help others is really important - and thus it’s really important for us as a team. We believe that this can be done anywhere, whether that is in Philadelphia (the city that Chris calls home) or online here in Heimerton. It’s all about providing a space for others to connect, grow and succeed.

How can you help?

You’re already helping just by being here and taking time to be part of our FAM. We will continue to grow our Discord & other social channels. However, our true barometer of success is going to be helping foster a community which feels more like a FAM.

Additionally, bring yourself into our Discord and introduce yourself. What are you passionate about? How can the others in the FAMALAM help you thrive and succeed with those passions and reach those dreams? Connecting on a personal level is important to us, and we aim to try to help support all of our community members however we can.


Can you explain what the utility of the project is?

We have an extensive story created for the CBM Universe, starting with the FAMALAM crew. At the moment, the story will be rolled out as part of the content for our holders. Additionally, we want to create ways for the community involved in future developments of the story.

How can I contribute?

We will have a system (we’re still completing the details) where if you hold a FAMALAM NFT, you’ll have an opportunity to be able to be part of our story process. For now, this will be exclusively be for holders of our NFTs but we also want to provide ways for the community at large to be involved as we continue to build out our story and universe.

Additional Questions

We will be working to keep our FAQs as updated as possible. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask them in our Discord.