How to Install MetaMask

How to Install MetaMask

February 11, 2022
Scott Asbury


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How to Install MetaMask

11 Feb, 2022

MetaMask is the pseudo industry standard and is used by all popular Ethereum marketplaces. It has both a Desktop and Mobile version.

If you are setting up your metamask wallet for the first time we recommend using the desktop version and reading through all of the steps in this article.

Here is a great video from Matt’s Crypto on how to create a MetaMask desktop wallet



You can use other browsers such as Firefox and Brave, however, Chrome is recommended. No matter the browser you choose, it is very important that you only download from the official MetaMask site.

How to Install

  1. Go to
  2. Click either of the “Download” buttons on the homepage
  3. Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome” You’ll be taken to the Google Chrome web store
  4. Click “Add to Chrome” and add the extension
  5. Click “Get Started” and set up a new wallet
  6. Click “Create a Wallet.” & follow the prompts
  7. Create and confirm a password according to MetaMask’s guideline of 8 characters minimum
  8. Agree to the terms of use and hit “Create”
  9. After documenting your seed phrase, click “Next.” Read below to learn more about your seed phrase
  10. Confirm your seed phrase by clicking on the correct words in the correct order of your 12-word sequence and clicking “Confirm”
  11. Click “All Done”

Security Phase


Once you’ve created your wallet, you will be able to view your seed phrase (the 12-word sequence used to recover and backup your wallet).

Remember, this must be hidden and never shared with anyone. If anyone gets hold of this seed phrase, they can steal and/or take over your wallet.

Keep it secret, keep it safe!

Best Practices

  • Do not take a picture or screenshot of your seed phrase — instead, write it down immediately on a piece of paper and put it in a secret, safe location.
  • Even better, write your seed phrase down on 2-3 pieces of paper and store each paper in a separate secure location (like one in a personal safe and one in a bank safety deposit box).
  • Having multiple backups of your seed phrase is good practice just in case one copy is ever lost or destroyed.
  • You will never be required to share or enter your security phrase, the only exception is when you access your wallet on a new computer or device.


MetaMask offers a mobile wallet option for both iOS and Android. Here are the steps to use MetaMask on your phone once you’ve already set up the desktop extension.

How to Install

  1. Download the MetaMask app to your smartphone (App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android)
  2. Click “Get Started”
  3. Click “Sync with MetaMask extension”
  4. Open your MetaMask desktop extension, go to Settings > Advanced, Click on “Sync with Mobile” and enter your password
  5. Using your phone’s camera, scan the QR code to start syncing.



You're all set!

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